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Command Line Tool

It is possible to run drasyl from the command line using the drasyl command. The drasyl command makes it possible to start up drasyl nodes, generate identities, and more directly from the command line.

You can download the drasyl command from GitHub. The download includes a bin/drasyl executable for Linux/macOS users and a bin/drasyl.bat for Windows users.

Run drasyl help to get an overview of available commands and flags:

$ drasyl help
  drasyl [flags]
  drasyl [command]

Available Commands:
help           Show help for drasyl commands and flags.
node           Run a drasyl node.
genidentity    Generate and output new Identity.
wormhole       Transfer a text message from one node to another, safely.
version        Show the version number.

-c,--config <file>        Load configuration from specified file (default:
-h,--help                 Show this help.
-v,--verbose <level>      Sets the log level (off, error, warn, info, debug, trace; default: warn)

Use "drasyl [command] --help" for more information about a command.


The drasyl/drasyl image provides the drasyl command to the host. So no need to install drasyl on your machine, you can just use this docker image.

For instance:

$ docker run -i -t drasyl/drasyl version
drasyl v0.2.0 (ef906c1)
- Linux
- os.version 4.19.76-linuxkit
- os.arch amd64
- java.version 11.0.8

To run a node:

# generate an identity (this can take some time)
$ docker run -i -t drasyl/drasyl genidentity | grep -v "WARNING:" > drasyl.identity.json

# start a node
$ docker run -i -t -p 22527:22527 \
    -v $PWD/drasyl.identity.json:/drasyl.identity.json \
    drasyl/drasyl node

This command passes the just generated identity to the docker container and then launch the drasyl node command.


The drasyl command can also be downloaded with Homebrew:

$ brew install drasyl-overlay/tap/drasyl


The drasyl command can also be downloaded with Chocolatey:

$ choco install drasyl

Last update: December 5, 2021